Credit Card Customer Service Rankings

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Credit Card Customer Service Rankings

Postby admin » Sun May 19, 2013 11:42 pm

Most credit card holders don’t think of customer service until they need it. However, there are times when customer service can be as important as the interest rate we pay.

Most recent surveys list American Express cards as having the best customer service overall (with particular nods to Bank of America’s Fidelity Amex cards). Resolution of issues is really painless, and the operators seem to be more empowered to help customers if a problem goes outside the normal. Additional major selling points include really excellent travel insurance (priceless when renting a car) and outstanding purchase protection policies.

Discover cards are highly ranked, especially by US consumers. Cards from Discover typically rank second or tie for first in credit card customer satisfaction, depending on the survey data used. The Discover telephone system quickly gets you to a live, American operator. Nothing tends to get lost in translation. The website is easy to navigate and the pertinent information is easy to find.

How do you rank your credit card's customer service?

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